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Cycling Sport
Choose a suitable programme and train with a coach – outdoor, at home or on the track

Vélody • Cycling school, cycling training with a trainer at Moscow

  • Choose the right program and work out with a trainer - in our cycle studio, on a bike station at home or on a cycle track. We have developed a course for beginners - those who have just bought a road bike:
  • Explain how a bike works
  • Learn how to fix minor problems
  • We will advise which tools to buy home
  • We will show you how to ride alone and in a group
  • We will consolidate the acquired skills in practice with a trainer.

Cycling school at Moscow

Training course for beginners
Theory and practice in the workshop and outdoors
For those who are just learning to ride a  bike

We will:
  • Explain how your bike works
  • How to ride a bike from scratch
  • How to fix minor breakdowns and advise which tools to keep at home
  • How to ride alone and in a group, how to behave on the roads
  • Teach maneuver techniques, correct gear shifting and pedalling
  • Set up your position on the bike, teach how to use contact pedals

Cost of trainings – 3 000 RUB for an hour.
Trainings for amateurs and professionals
For those who want to upgrade their skills and try something new

1. Personal trainings

We will:
  • Set up pedalling technique
  • Set up cycling technique: working uphill and downhill, passing turns and obstacles; cycling in various weather conditions
  • Analyse how to ride in a group
  • Control and adjust bicycle riding position
  • Discuss nutrition before, after and during trainings

Cost of trainings – 3 000 RUB for an hour.

2. Full support:

We will:
  • Determine your goals and set deadlines for their achievement
  • Write a personal training programme: for bike trainer, road and track bike or gym
  • Train outdoors and in the gym
  • Give feedback and be online anytime

The cost is discussed individually.
Road, track, cross-country
More than trainings
Additional services
We will help you puzzle everything out and support you during bike races and rides

  • Assistance in the purchase of bicycles, spare parts and equipment
  • Support on various bike routes
  • Support on cycling races

The cost is discussed individually.
If you wish to reschedule or cancel a training session, please let us know at least 12 hours in advance.

Otherwise, we will not be able to refund you the cost of training and bike rental or reschedule the training.
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  • Works in Russian and English
  • Main area of expertise: road and track cycling
  • Candidate Master of Sports in Cycling (track)
  • Awardee of the Moscow and Russian championships, participant of international competitions
  • Was a member of Moscow team
  • Certified Personal Trainer (YMCA London)
  • Conducted a joint study with the UCI (International Cycling Federation) on the development of amateur cycling as a part of master’s degree in the UK
Our coach — Anna Sharaeva
  • Coach of the Moscow cycling team. 3 years of work experience
  • Higher specialised education: Russian University of Sport bachelor's and master's degrees
  • Master of Sports in cycling
  • Was a member of Moscow team
Our coach –
Pavel Mchedlishvili